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Agriculture, a taste of Veneto

An export-oriented production

The secret of Veneto's agricultural economy lies in the morphological variety of its territory: from the mountains to the hills and on to the plains till the sea, a production which boasts a centuries-old history grows and develops, and even today retains its liveliness, to such an extent that it makes up 10% of gross agricultural production which can be sold in the national agricultural market. It's from Veneto's soil, which employs little more than 75.000 farm businesses, from which some of the agri-food excellencies of the world's market stem, and they manage to generate a production value amounting to €4,8 billion.


Veneto's agriculture, nowadays highly mechanised, can claim several records: it is the leading producer of wine, maize, soy and sugar beets. As regards low crops, maize is the most extensively cultivated one (275.000 hectares of cultivated land, with an output of 2,2 million tons) followed by rice, whose cultivation is experiencing an increasingly strong boost in cultivated land (+29%), equivalent to 4.100 hectares. The horticultural and fruit sectors hold steady, but the undisputed leader of Veneto's agricultural production remains wine: with an output of 1,1 million tons of grapes and 8,2 million hectolitres of wine (+2%), Veneto's viniculture holds the national record.


On other hand, zootechnics suffered a sharp drop in milk production, which did not exceed 11 million quintals, with a subsequent reduction in surplus and the failure to outstrip the quota set forth at a national level. Furthermore, the increase in production costs had a negative effect on the cattle and swine farming, while the poultry sector is at its maximum productive peak (+5%) with 460.000 tons of produced meat. On the contrary, the downturn in sea fishing does not come to a halt: it decreased by 17% in quantity and by 26% in value, even though Veneto is one of the regions with the highest number of businesses involved in such sector and has six wholesale fish markets along the Adriatic: Venice, Chioggia, Caorle, Pila, Porto Viro and Scardovari along the Po Delta, the latter being home to an actual Fishing Cluster.


Gourmet food and wine, a quality heritage

When economy rhymes with culture. Not only is Veneto's agri-food production, with its manifold typical products - belonging to the Registered Designation of Origin and Protected Designation of Origin categories - one of the main sector of its regional economy, but also the renewed expression of an ensemble of values, costumes and traditions clinging to Veneto's communities and their homeland. In Italy, Veneto is at the top as regards the production of RDO wines. Indeed, it features an array of production areas.


In the province of Verona, areas such as Lugana, San Martino della Battaglia, Garda, Bardolino, Valpolicella, Soave, Valdadige and Custoza produce prestigious white wines. The province of Treviso is also significant to this regard, with the Prosecco di Valdobbiadene e Conegliano and the wines from both the Piave area and Asolo hills. Gambellara and Breganze are the RDO wines' production areas in the province of Vicenza, and Pramaggiore in the province of Venice.


The quality of Veneto's wines is testified by an ever-growing demand from the most attentive and advanced foreign markets, which have managed to absorb 75% of wine production. Among the RDO and PDO food and wine products, there are some notorious qualities of cheese (Asiago, Casatella Trevigiana, Grana Padano, Montasio, Piave, Taleggio, Provolone Valpadana), fruit (Marostica Cherry, Verona Peach, San Zeno sweet chestnut, Combai sweet chestnut), vegetables (Polesine white garlic, Bassano white asparagus, Badoere white asparagus, Cimadolmo white aspragus, Lamon bean, Chioggia radicchio, Verona radicchio, Treviso radicchio, Castelfranco variegated radicchio, Lusia salad), processed meat (Sopressa vicentina, berico-euganeo Ham), rice (Vialone Nano Veronese, Po Delta Rice), Belluno's Dolomites honey.




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